Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Oh yeah - the Berenstain Bears taught me to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom"

Recently our grocery store, H-E-B, has been promoting children's books. When I was standing in the checkout line I saw one of my favorites from growing up and naturally I had to buy it for my niece and nephew. The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food:
I re-read it just now as an adult and realized there was a lot of things I missed as a child. Turns out the point of the book is that Papa, Brother and Sister are eating too much junk food - so Mama takes them to Dr. Grizzly and they realize their body has all of these systems and they have to eat good foods in order to help their bodies grow...they go on to run a 5k together with killer matching jumpsuits then go back to the treehouse to snack on more raisins, carrot sticks and nuts.

Yeaaaaah.....didn't get that as a child. The reason that I HAD TO BUY it for my niece and nephew is that because when I was a child I LOVED to look at what kind of candy/junk food bears ate. I remember staring at this picture a lot....

And I would try to think about what kind of junk food that was equivalent too in what I liked to eat. And I just loved the colors and the idea that bears also liked to binge on junk food as well.

Alas, now that you know all about that you can imagine my delight the next day at work when I turned the corner from the hall to the kitchen and saw THIS:

You GUESSED it. Someone placed in the free-for-all area in our kitchen at work a GIANT BAG OF PEANUT M&M's!!!! (who is crazy enough to do that?!?!). Did I literally scream out loud in excitement possibly interrupting a meeting that was going on in the conference room next to me? You betcha. (In my defense I didn't know there was a meeting and it was just with two people.)

Call it unprofessional. Call it unreasonable. I call it ..... CAAAAAAAAANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I discussed this with my coworker on the way back from lunch one I just like to look at the Berenstain Bears candy choices and she said, "Oh yeah - the Berenstain Bears taught me to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom."...Then she went on a rant about how when she has guests she just DOESNT UNDERSTAND why they squeeze it from the middle. And then I got scared....haha not really. Then I understood why we get along so well.

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