Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Sissy is SO. SWEET."

A(nother) tribute.

My older sister recently had her second baby in June.  Her name is Kendall Jane and she has red hair just like her big brother. See here. My sister, brother-in-law and Hunter call her, "Sissy." She is precious. When my sister was pregnant with Kendall my roommate would often ask (in complete seriousness), "Do you think you will love Kendall as much as you love Hunter?" Now I know that this sounds like a dark question but my roommate has seen me talk about, blog about, email and skype with Hunter often. There is not a night in my house that goes by where I don't take out my phone and eagerly say, "Oh my goodness - look at this precious/ridiculous picture of Hunter." He still is one of my greatest delights.

But then came Sissy. I didn't think that a baby girl would behave much differently than a baby boy. But they really do. Sweet baby girls want two things: food and attention...and preferably in that order...which is exactly what adult girls want too but that is neither here nor there. Anyways - as I have spent time with Sissy I have learned one thing, "Sissy is SO. SWEET." (I regularly hear my sister say this to her while I am on the phone.)

So here is another tribute -- to Kendall Jane -- sweet Sissy -- you have stolen my heart!!!

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