Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Is it....Collin?"

A tribute. This is my first post about a voice that has carried deeply in my life. And it is about a 2-year old orange-headed monkey.  He also responds to: Bubba, little man, baby, Hunter Ryan and Hunta Awney (as my sister tells me his friends call him). He is my nephew and a source of constant joy in my life. My sister has an iphone 4 and will make videos then send them to me.  Hunter loves making videos because he can see himself the entire time. He thinks he's watching a "baby" (although Allison constantly tells him that the baby is him). Anyways, there is one video in which he is saying funny things to the "baby", giving it kisses, and then he looks really close into the phone and says, "Is it Collin?" (Translation: Is it Colleen?). And Allison says, "No, that's not Colleen - that's have red hair like Colleen"....He thought I may be on the phone because they'll face time me from the phone)....The video goes on but I have it saved on my phone and when work gets long or difficult...or my day is long and difficult...I'll just pull up that video and watch it! So here's a tribute to Hunter Ryan - my love and my delight!

This is Hunter making a heart out of his hands!

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